Stuff on the internet that is great

Here are some links to tools of cool things and projects that I think is great.



Graphiti Logo A different approach to achieve what GraphQL wants to fix without giving up REST and the benefits it brings. It is definitely worth reading their reasoning why they built, what they built.


Duckietown Logo It is not only a town that consists of Rubberduckies, but also a learning opportunity for AI and self driving cars. And if the duckies are off the clock, you can use them to talk your problems through. I haven’t really tried it, but for what I read is it quite well aligns with things I want to do and learn as well, just with my Lego Boost Robot. It definitely looks like fun.


Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi Logo Why not make (electronic) music using life ruby programming and teach people about programming and music on the way? That is what Sonic Pi stands for and it is fun too.


Ready to share your startup with the world?

A list of resources where to share and propagate your startup idea. Might be useful for somebody.



Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

A very interesting article about points of interest in a system. It also sorts them in order of effectiveness and gives great examples what a system and its leverage points are. The author concludes with saying that mastery might not be “pushing leverage points” instead it might just be “strategically […] letting go”.

Great Articles

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Why Are We Using Black Box Models in AI When We Don’t Need To? A Lesson From An Explainable AI Competition

Nice read, that questions the use of creating Neural Networks – which you cannot reason about – when there could easily be written algorithms that you actually can reason about.